1 noun (C)
1 LARGE SHOP a large place that sells many different kinds of goods: At Christmas the stores stay open late.
—see also: chain store, department store, general store
2 SHOP AmE a place where goods are sold to the public; shop 1 (1): There are about different stores in the Fallbrook Mall. | a shoe/clothing/grocery etc store (=one that sells one type of goods): She worked in a book store during college. | go to the store: I need to go to the store for some milk.
3 SUPPLY a supply of something that you keep to use later
(+ of): Granny always had a special store of chocolate for us.
4 PLACE TO KEEP THINGS a large building in which goods are stored so they can be used or sold later warehouse: a grain store
5 be in store if something unexpected such as a surprise or problem is in store for someone, it is about to happen to them: He's got a few surprises in store if he thinks he can order us around.
6 stores (plural)
a) supplies of food and equipment that are used by an army, navy etc
b) the building or room in an army camp, ship etc where these are kept
7 set great store by sth to consider something to be very important: Anne sets great store by that training course.
2 verb (T)
1 also store away to put things away and keep them until you need them: Squirrels are storing up nuts for the winter.
2 to keep facts or information in your brain or a computer: A mass of data is stored in the computer.
3 store up trouble/problems etc to behave in a way that will cause trouble for you later: Sarah is storing up problems for herself by lying to him.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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